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Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters Our range of Manual and Automatic activated carbon filters are manufactured using granular activated carbon as media, making them ideally suited for dechlorination of water with free chlorine content & for the effective removal of organic matter. We use superior grade of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) and allied materials that helps in making our products more durable.

Features :

• Light weight equipment.
• Easy to install - does not require concrete foundation.

The NG series of activated carbon filters are aesthetic, light weight and easy to install.


Advantages :
• Light weight equipment, which is easy to install.
• Do not require concrete foundations.
• Single lever operated multi-port valve makes it more user friendly and easy to operate.
• Plastic pressure vessel and piping do not require maintenance & are corrosion resistant.

• FRP pressure vessel, fitted with plastic internal fittings.
• Set of plastic frontal piping, linking multi-port valve/plastic ball valves to FRP vessel.
• Complete charge of suitable filter media with supporting under bed media.
• One pressure vessel.

Applications :
• For dechlorination of water for industrial/drinking water applications.
• Removal of organic matter from water.
• Filters are available in MS, MSRL, FRP, operating in Manual / Auto mode.

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